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I created this blog mainly to share security related stories, rants, and just provide a general discussion area for current events relating to us, information security professionals. This blog is geared more for the tie wearing white hats like myself. You won’t find any “how to haxor windows in 20 seconds” articles on here or serial numbers. Google can help you find plenty of those. Feel free to check out the RSS feed to read my current posts

Bigger than a breadbox and twice as sexy!

This is my personal blog, hosted on Most of my posts are locked and only visible to friends though anytime I post something worth sharing or something really funny I make it open to everyone. If you know me and want to friend me just let me know.


My seriously neglected biotechnology blog. I have not deleted it as I hope to start being more proactive about updating it. Right now my infosec blog has top priority and I have been neglecting that blog as well because of my crazy schedule lately. Keep your eyes on it, and I hope to get some current information in it soon.