I saved a kitten today!

The kitten was so cute and friendly. It can’t weight more than a few pounds. I saw it by my mailbox and didn’t realize it followed me back to my apartment until I heard a “meeeeooooow” at my door. My dog Bagel heard it too and started barking. I cracked the door open and this little kitten had followed me and was patiently waiting for me on my door mat. It didn’t seem afraid of me or Bagel so I assumed it was abandoned and not a stray. I picked it up and took it to the main office.  The maintenance guy said it had been hanging out for the past week. After talking to the leasing office apparently they tried to give it to a good home and the family left it at another complex down the road and it came back (who does that to a kitten?!?). The main office said “well we’ll try to find it a home but if we haven’t heard anything in a day or two we’ll take it to a shelter”. I made it back to my place and the word shelter struck a nerve. It was such a friendly cat and well behaved I couldn’t have it end up in a shelter. I already have a dog and I am not equipped for a cat (no litter boxes, food,etc). If money wasn’t tight it wouldn’t be a big deal I’d drop the $100 to get it some food, a litter box, and vaccinated until I could find it a good home. I went back because I didn’t want to see the poor thing end up in a shelter. I talked to the leasing agent to see what they were planning to do. We found it in the maintenance work area. The maintenance guys had made a make-shift bed, and left it food and water but it would have been in there all weekend. Between the heat and the chemicals in the area or other things it could have gotten into I was worried for the little cat. 🙁 Luckily when I called the girl who dog walks Bagel I convinced her to house the kitten until a permanent home could be found. She already has a cat and had all of the stuff needed to house the kitten. She’ll be posting pictures on Austin Community later, so if you know anyone who is looking for a cat, this cat is very loving and well behaved. It was snuggling up to anyone who’d hold it.


  1. OMG mail it to me.

    I love you for doing this.


    8:46 pm

  2. Due to WW3 breaking out in my small apartment, the kitteh is currently locked up in my bathroom, but he’s still got about half the food you gave me, a bowl full of water and a nice, cool apartment to stay in. Plus he loves hopping in and out of the bathtub. I can currently hear his cries, but they are better than Cali’s growling, hissing or shrieks. He’s so unafraid of her – but she wants nothing to do with him!

    He’s got a bit of a mean streak and can get a little on the rough side, but a little training will cure that. He likes attacking my nose which is pretty hysterical. If I’m holding him, he’ll let me know when he’s done and when I can put him down. I got a few pics, but due to how many hours I worked yesterday and all of them were spent on my poor feet, I’ve been napping between cat fights and haven’t gotten any rest yet. When I wake up tomorrow ( no farmer’s market for me tomorrow ) I’ll take some more pics and post it. I still think you should think about keeping him, since I’ve got some sure fire toys he already loves to play with, he’s got a litter box and all he would need is some Blue Spa kitteh food and he’s good to go. You already know what an amazing dad you are, I think you would be able to give him the home that he desperately needs. He needs lots of love, and you already said that you wanted a cat like him……

    *nudge nudge*


    6:19 am

  3. kevinblanchard

    4:46 pm

  4. OMG. He’s lovely. I wish I were there. I would take him. I really would. Mostly because I really think Domino needs a young friend. Oreo hates him.


    4:54 pm