Google’s April Fools

Saturday was a big news day on the Web — if you appreciate the art of a well-crafted April Fool’s joke. And from all the made-up things seen on Saturday, oh so many of us do.

Those goofballs at Google planted a treat for users of its Google Earth software. Search for “Area 51,” zoom in, pan to the left until you see two fighter jets on the tarmac, and you’ll also spot two friendly visitors. (Pictures below).

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  1. hahahah! that’s adorable!!


    3:35 pm

  2. is that all they did?? if so, that is ridiculously subtle, its almost not even worth it


    3:48 pm

  3. See, Google rocks at life.

    🙂 That was awesome.


    4:29 pm

  4. This was also an April fools.

    Described as “When you do a Soulmate Search, your deeply personal and potentially life-altering search results are produced solely by computer algorithm, without human intervention of any kind. Note: Depending on your personality, you may or may not find this reassuring.”

    I am sure they did a few. My favorite was last years lunar base posting.


    4:43 pm

  5. ah ok it makes more sense now. hahaha i love that google romance thing!!

    “Upload your profile – tell the world who you are, or, more to the point, who you’d like to think you are, or, even more to the point, who you want others to think you are.”


    8:29 am