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Storm Worm takes advantage of Christmas bliss

It’s been a while since I have updated. This time of year is always crazy. But at least I return with a good one. This time of year is stressful enough for many, without having to worry about things like this while trying to spread holiday cheer. ‘Tis the season and there’s a storm a […]

Orangle bowl here we come.

Go Hokies!

Only in texas… lol

Thanks Erin! lol

Bollywood version of Michael Jackson’s thriller


Possibly NSFW. Asylum Street Spankers “Stick A Yellow Ribbon on Your SUV.”

Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day!

It’s Enough to Make Your Stomach Turn

It’s Enough to Make Your Stomach Turn By Marc FisherTuesday, September 12, 2006; B01 (Washington Post) Two Fairfax County officers lay mortally wounded in the parking lot of their Sully District police station. At the height of the crisis, anxious police cordoned off streets, closing down some businesses. The Texas Roadhouse restaurant just down the […]

Pretty Pretty Panda Thanks to luckycate for finding it! 🙂

Elf Booty got soul, Elf Girls like to rock n’ roll

Think Beastie Boys meet Lord of the Rings 🙂 thanks to aeryn42 for finding it.

Harvard Graduation 2006: Family Guy Style

I know this is a couple months late but still worth posting. Meant to post this up back in June (oops!). Below the cut, is 4 video clips of Seth MacFarlane’s speech to the 2006 graduating class of Harvard University. For people who don’t know who he is. Seth is the creator (along with many […]

“Tea Partay” – thanks to <lj user=”icicole”> for finding it

New England gangstas keepin it real the old money way…

Size does matter

My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas Pluto, not a planet anymore


Jon Stewart and the internet. I was crying I was laughing so hard.

Illinois owes game industry half a million dollars

Dear Illinois, PWNED! Sincerely, The video game industry State to Pay $510,000 Over Video Game Bans From Times Wire Reports August 12, 2006 The federal judge who ruled that Illinois unconstitutionally banned the sale of violent or sexual video games to minors has another message for the state: Pay up. U.S. District Judge Matthew F. […]

Extra Ordinary Guy

Gateway Videos Presents:Extra Ordinary Guy – TrailerStarring: Kevin Blanchard as Extra Ordinary Guy

For the security and computer geeks on my list

Last year I created an LJ syndication account for my information security blog here . I have added quite a few people since creating this feed so I wanted to repost this. If you wish to read the blog via LJ instead of through a news reader or going directly to my site, just add […]

Dating, relationships, and the attack of spring fever

These seem to be the hot topics recently. So many of my friends (in Texas and the DC area) seem to be buzzing about the above topics. So I thought I’d at least combine some of the thoughts of many of the posts (since many of you aren’t friends with each other) then also add […]

Apple releases Windows Dual Boot software

Google’s April Fools

Saturday was a big news day on the Web — if you appreciate the art of a well-crafted April Fool’s joke. And from all the made-up things seen on Saturday, oh so many of us do. Those goofballs at Google planted a treat for users of its Google Earth software. Search for “Area 51,” zoom […]

Lake Peigneur: The Swirling Vortex of Doom

In 1980,a Louisiana Lake experiences a freak Drilling Accident resulting in a Hole that caused a tremendous Whirlpool…The sucking force was so strong that it reversed the flow of a 12-mile-long canal which led out to the Gulf of Mexico, and dragged 11 barges from that canal into the swirling vortex…. Definetely a cool read. […]

For the music lovers!

My new favorite site!

“True Love is but a +2 Broadsword away.”

Fear of Girls

LOL! One drink limit

“…please note that because of recent changes to your insurance policy you are limited to only one alcoholic beverage a day”

since they shut me down on myspace……

Whether your a fanboy(or girl) or a hater, this is a very interesting read. Ten Reasons Your Next PC Will Be From Apple