Illinois owes game industry half a million dollars

Dear Illinois,


The video game industry

State to Pay $510,000 Over Video Game Bans
From Times Wire Reports
August 12, 2006

The federal judge who ruled that Illinois unconstitutionally banned the sale of violent or sexual video games to minors has another message for the state: Pay up.

U.S. District Judge Matthew F. Kennelly in Chicago this week ordered the state to pay more than $510,000 in legal fees to three business groups that sued: the Entertainment Software Assn., the Video Software Dealers Assn. and the Illinois Retail Merchants Assn.


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  1. i think “violent or sexual video games” should be banned, beeter yet- not made in the first place. oOo ray bradbury called, he wants his censorship back. 😉


    4:07 pm